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Steer Beef

Discover what residents of New London, Middlesex, and Windham already know: Polinsky Farms LLC has the freshest, best, and greatest tasting beef in the Tri-State area.

For several decades, families have come to us to stock up their freezers with meat that greatly exceeds the quality sold by supermarkets.

Polinsky Farms sells beef quarters to homeowners, all cut and wrapped and already freezer-ready. Customers will pay for 200 pounds of hanging weight. 

Steer Beef- High Quality Cut & Wrapped for your freezer

Price List

  • Fore quarters: $4.35 per pound
  • Hind quarters: $4.50 per pound
  • Side: $4.40 per pound

Prices are for hanging weights, approximately 200 pounds/quarter. Prices subject to change.

For more information on Polinsky Farms LLC’s steer beef of a high quality cut, wrapped for your freezer,
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